hot spring baths


onsen01 a natural hot spring since 1200 years ago.
Though shower rooms are available,we’d like to invite you to hot spring baths and enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese inn.
We have rules for using Japanese hot spring baths such as:

〇You are not allowed to use towels in bathtubs.

〇You must use kakeyu (first pour hot water) before you get into bathtubs.

The same rule can applied to the way you wear a yukata.

We will tell you all about what you do not know about taking hot spring baths. Try a hot spring bath in ryokan (a Japanese inn).

 onsen02 Hot Spring

You will be impressed with the warmth of the all hinoki bathtubs (Japanese cypress bathtubs). No heat and ordinary hot water are added. You cannot find a hot spring resort like ours. We guarantee you will enjoy the happiest time.

ou will surely raise your voice for joy at the moment of bathing in our hot spa.

hot spring water analysis
Gensen Kakenagashi temperature: 48 volume of hot spa water:60 lit/minute
Our hot spring water is kakenagashi and supplied directly from its well-Spring.
Slight variation of the volume and temperatures are observed depending on seasons or natural environment.
sodium   calcium   chloride
medicinal benefits   digestive ailment,   diabetes,   incised wound,  burns,   neuralgia
Yubana incrustations of hot-spring water
yuaka (fur of hot-spring water) of hot- spring water in old days means yubana nowadays( incrustations ). Its color is brown and mixed in the hot-spring water. This is the basic material of a hot-spring water. Salt on your body prevents its water from escaping in vapor and maintains your temperature even after getting out of baths. This is a special merit of yubana.
Don’t take a bath too long.

basic information on our baths

A rinse & a shampoos
body soaps
a coin laundry corner

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