※Our consumption taxes inscribed are tax-inclusive pricing.

≪ the whole year stay ≫

≪basic plan for a full stomach≫
standard_plan You can fully enjoy our rural treatment

standard plan for one night stay with 2 meals

for the regular rooms

from 10,000Yen

≪No supper. Only breakfast served≫
yunai_asaari_plan A plan prepared for those arriving late.

One night stay and breakfast served

for regular room

from 7,500 Yen

 ≪No breakfast but supper served≫
asansi_yuari_plan Plan for those who want to eat supper at leisure but do not want breakfast.

for regular room 8,000 Yen

≪plan for staying overnight without board.≫
sudomari_plan plan for those who wish to take hot spring baths only.

for regular room   6,500 Yen

≪luxurious plan≫

We will ask you to pay consumption tax and bath-taking tax(150 Yen) in addition to the charges shown.
If you have any questions,please call us.

items common to all plans
child child’s small table + futon supplied 6,300 Yen
child’s lunch + futon supplied 4,000 Yen
child’s lunch 1,500 Yen
Futon only 3,000 Yen