Iwase,Fukushima Prefecture


An inn of 140 years old Japanese style architecture Japanese
Very unique Japanese inn having a hot spa. Make yourself at home in a yukata.
Free Wi-Fi is provided inside. You will surely spend good and comfortable time.
You will be far away from Tokyo,and you can enjoy the atmosphere of four seasons you cannot feel in big cities and  experience a Japanese rural life.
Though we have much snow in winter,means of transportation is absolutely secure.
We hope you will enjoy a trip. You will feel like visiting your grandma’s home.
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地図A 地図B
Shinshirakawa Station~Hinoki buro no yado Bunke
Yacon Bus Service
From Shinshirakawa Station     1:00p.m. Get on a Yacon bus through the rotary at the east side of Shinshirakawa Station.
Hinoki buro no yado Bunke   11:00 a.m.
Since reservations are necessary,get call Bunke in advance.
An one-way ticket costs you 900 Yen.Please square up with the cashier at Inn.

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Aza Idaira,Yumoto,Tenneimura,Iwasegun,Fukushima Prefecture
Zip Code 962-0621
Phone 0248-84-2314
Fax   0248-84-2506